Covid Safety at Soul Network


Covid safety at our events

Your safety is our utmost priority and that is why it is important that prior to attending any of our events, you are clear on the measures that we will be taking to keep us all safe

We will ask for every guest attending our events e-mail address and mobile number so we can contact each individual if we need to inform them of anyone testing positive after the event

Prior to your arrival

On the morning of the event for everyone’s safety we request that everybody attending does a lateral flow test. (these are available FREE from or Boots the Chemist

Everyone will need to take a photo (PHOTO DATED DAY OF EVENT)

of your Negative result to show on the door to gain entry. Or bring along your negative test in a sealed plastic bag.

If you forget to do your test or If you cannot provide proof of a negative test on the door, we will issue you with a lateral flow test to be done before entry. This test will take about an hour in total. Please note you will have to wait until your negative result comes back after (30 mins) before you can join the Party

For the safety of others Please do not attend the event if you are showing any symptoms of Covid 19. If you are showing symptoms at all of Covid 19 you should take PCR test and self-Isolate until you get the results.

If you test Positive for covid you will need to make a claim from your Insurance company. It is Mandatory to have travel insurance for our weekend away events.

This is to cover you in case you test positive for covid on the morning of the event, and are unable to attend. You would need to make a claim from your Insurance company should you  or a close Family Member test positive , and subsequently are unable to attend the event You can get Insurance from as little as £5 for this one off event Click this Link

No Refunds can be given unless the event is cancelled by ourselves or the Hotel.

There will be hand sanitiser stations around the venue

People who are not 100% comfortable or who suffer from anxiety can wear our Soul Network Yellow Badge

Please respect the space of people wearing a yellow Badge



Throughout the weekend

Use your discretion if you find yourself anywhere outside of the group at any point throughout the weekend

If at any point, you would like to do another lateral flow test, just ask a member of the team and we can provide one.

It is recommended that you wear a mask throughout the communal areas of the Hotel according to Hotel policy,

unless you are eating or have an exemption.

Venue capacity is 600, however we only sold 350 tickets, this is to ensure that you have enough room to socially distance if you choose to do so.


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